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Hope Podcast

Jan 26, 2019

Series: Divine Direction
Pastor: Kirk Dueker
Date: January 26th & 27th           Digging Deeper


God's Word is a roadmap for our life. Everything for living a life pleasing to God is in there. Psalm 119:97-105. The more we know His Word the wiser we will be. That dosn't mean just knowledge in the correct way. We can't do that without the Holy Spirit's power John 14:15-21 shows us what the H.S.'s role is in our lives. He wants to counsel and guide us. He helps us to read the map and follow it. Trust God's process of leading us through life: 1. The Holy SPirit prompts Acts 20:22 2. Certain uncertainty - times we will not know everything Acts 20:22 3. There will be resistance when following God's will. Acts 20:23 4. Be confident because the H.S. is with you - Acts 20:24